Dave Diedhiou Tier: £5 - £100

john swannell

John Swannell Memorial Tier: £101 - £499

Rod Haider Tier: Over £500

Funding Our Future

Hendon Football Club is owned 100% by its supporters. This means that supporters are responsible for generating income, which directly contributes to the team’s success on the pitch. This is an important and burdensome job, even in the best of circumstances.

Times have been tough post-Covid, and many Non-League clubs are facing real financial challenges. As you are aware, day-to-day operating costs have skyrocketed for everyone, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

On behalf of Hendon FC’s supporters, the Trust Board is working hard to increase our income to ensure we deliver the kind of success on the pitch that we have witnessed this season.

To continue this success, we need supporters to contribute as much financial support as they are willing, and able, to provide. As stated at our AGM in December and our SGM in January, it is vital we fund our income streams to ensure we can start next season as strongly as possible, and at the highest level our financial position allows.

We’ve set a target of £160,000 for the Funding Our Future campaign. This is a big ask at a difficult time. But if we can achieve or even exceed that target, we’re hopeful we can plan an optimistic future.

For the glory of Hendon Football Club.

Questions? Comments? Please contact us at info@hfcst.org.

Donations by cheques are gratefully appreciated. Please make payable to: Hendon FC (2008) Ltd and post to:

Hendon FC Supporters Trust

24 Lansdowne Road